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 "A reliable and robust solution for seamless vertical transportation. With a high weight capacity and smooth operation, it ensures safe and convenient access for individuals in wheelchairs or mobility devices. Versatile, durable, and user-friendly, the V-1504 is the ideal choice for residential and commercial settings"

V-1504 Elevator


    * Swift hydraulic lift offers fast travel at 20 ft/min, carrying a wheelchair and passenger across 4 stops, covering a 23' distance (subject to code regulations).

    * Commonly installed in a shaftway, it provides flexibility with optional paint colors and gates featuring aluminum, acrylic, or glass inserts, along with an automatic opener.

    * It offers ADA-compliant or custom platform sizes, accommodating same-side, straight-through, or 90º entry and exit. The drive system is located in the tower, eliminating the need for a machine room, and operated using constant pressure controls.

    * With a 750 lb capacity, it is suitable for residential or commercial applications, indoors or outdoors. Additionally, enclosure and luxury glass models are available.