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"The Tilite ZRA wheelchair combines performance, customization, and durability. With a rigid frame design and Precision Lock technology, it offers an exact fit and effortless ride. The sleek mono-tube edge frame provides strength and transportability. Crafted from seamless, aerospace-grade titanium, it delivers a smooth roll and exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. Experience the ultimate in performance and customization with the Tilite ZRA wheelchair."

Tilite ZRA High Performance Wheelchair

  • The features are as follows:

    Rigid: The lightest and highest performing chairs with minimal components and moving parts.
    Full Adjustability: Precision Lock technology ensures an exact fit and effortless ride with easy adjustments.
    Mono-Tube Edge: Clean and modern look with strong 1.25" tubing for durability and easy transport.
    Titanium: Provides strength, durability, and a smooth ride with the highest strength-to-weight ratio.

  • "Return Policy: 25% Restocking Fee Applied; Customer Responsible for Shipping Costs"

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