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"SL1000  enable individuals to ascend and descend their straight staircases in comfort and safety, it is designed for domestic applications. Both the user and a carer can operate this stair lift using the onboard controls and the remote control units."

SL1000 Commercial Stairlift

    * Battery is automatically charged along the rail as part of a continuous charge system, ensuring that it is always completely charged.
    * Drive technology offers a soft start and stop with little noise and smooth, silent operation.
    * If the master shut-off is not utilised for a long time, it will turn off.    * Option that saves money on electricity and battery life.
    * Both on-board controllers and a wireless infrared remote The chair has simple controls that can be utilised to call it down or raise it as needed.
    * Obstacle sensors: The chair stops if it runs into an obstruction while in use.
    * Other common characteristics: When folded, the footrest is less than 14" (35 cm) from the wall and operates continuously.
    Options for standard finishes 

    * Applications: Residential, indoor, straight-run stairways
    * Standard Capacity: 350 lb (158 kg)
    * Maximum Travel: 32 ft (9.75 m)
    * Nominal Speed: 20 ft/min (0.10 m/s)
    * Motor: 1/2 hp
    * Fold-up width from wall: 13.75", 35 cm
    * Fold-out width: 24.25", 61.6 cm
    * Range of incline: 25° to 55°


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