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"This highly adjustable wheelchair offers a seat width and depth range of 12" to 20", along with front and rear seat-to-floor height flexibility of 15" to 20" and 14" to 20", respectively. The back height can be adjusted from 10" to 20" with a back angle range of -8° to 17°, providing optimal comfort and positioning. The frame angle options include 75°, 80°, and 85°, while camber choices are 0° and 3°. With a center of gravity adjustment range from 0.5" to 3", this wheelchair can be tailored to individual preferences. Shipping dimensions are 31" L x 24" H x 24" W, making it convenient for delivery."

Fusion Folding Rollator

  • "Return Policy: 25% Restocking Fee Applied; Customer Responsible for Shipping Costs"

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